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Technical Help Page.
Fixing it yourself? We also help with tech info, wiring diagrams, torque specs, etc.
Remember the basics, We need the following to help:
       1. Year, Make & Model
2. Engine size
3. Other options (4x4, A/C, tilt wheel, P/S, Etc.)
4. Your question as detailed as possible
5. Your E-mail Address (can't reply without)
We will respond as soon as possible with help, remember the more complex the problem, the more research needed. We WILL respond to All questions. The only dumb question is the one NOT asked. This information is sent to a tech help center, there is no pricing available here. Please contact your local store for personal attention.
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Note: The information provided is only meant as a guide. For serious problems, please seek professional assistance. No warranty expressed or implied. Some types of repairs require special equipment & can be dangerous, please use caution or seek professional help.